1. Titled 'Yesteryear Worlde', this collection promises loungewear that is sustainably crafted and perfectly comfortable for children.

When it comes to making sustainable additions to your child’s wardrobe, Littleens offers the perfect solution. A children’s fashion brand that’s deeply rooted in sustainability, Littleens is where one can find all kinds of contemporary clothing crafted from natural fibres such as orange peel, rose, aloe vera, and more. Designed to be lived in, its timeless outfits range from smart jackets and tops to chic trousers and skirts.

Now, Littleens has created an all-new collection for the little ones, to ensure a good night’s sleep for each one. Titled ‘Yesteryear Worlde’, this collection promises loungewear that is sustainably crafted and perfectly comfortable for children.

From pajama sets in gentle washes of lavender and yellow to shorts and shirts in quirky prints, this collection offers it all. Each piece is carefully crafted from organic cotton, orange peel, rose petals, soya, banana, aloe vera, lotus or bamboo, in order to minimize waste and reduce environmental pressure.

So, instead of mass-produced nightwear and loungewear pieces for children, Littleens has provided parents with a smarter and safer alternative. Its new, sustainable loungewear sets in natural hues are crafted for all those peaceful bedtimes, slow mornings in, and gentle afternoon naps, while cocooned in complete comfort.

June 11, 2021 — Littleens Digital