Littleens is not just a kid's fashion brand it's a story written for every kid with love, elegance and craftsmanship. It's a brand which redefines luxury.


The label was launched with the sole purpose of taking a step, a powerful step to make a change, a step toward a better future. Littleens is a sustainable nature-conscious brand, for us, every kid is special so a lot of thoughts and details are kept in mind while creating each piece. The intricacies of the construction bends fabric to fit the reality and desire. Each fabric and element are handpicked so that our mission for a better future doesn't get hindered and to choose the best for the kids.

The rush of providing innovative collections each time pushed Littleens to diversify. Now the brand is all set to offer you a wide range of men's and women's collections too. Amp up! Your lifestyle with Littleens.

We, spearheaded by sustainability-driven coalitions, are mobilising the kids' lifestyle collectively towards adopting sustainable materials and practices through our design, development and supply chains and have already garnered formal commitments from key players in the fashion industry which represent a sizeable portion of the market.

Littleens always want a kid to be very conscious about the environment he/she lives in, so take a step with us for us.


Jaipur-based designer Mitali Bhargava is a graduate of Polimoda, Florence, Italy. She started Littleens a luxury kidswear label in 2020, The intensified evidence of the fashion industry’s impact on the environment in the last decade prompted her to give birth to this sustainable brand. Littleens showcase her hardworking attitude towards her work. Her love for travelling and experiencing the beauty around the globe gives her the inspiration for each collection.

She Always has a constant quest for beautiful materials and how to transmit them in an exceptional way which enables the creation to be useful and elegant, which makes each piece a timeless creation, at the end it makes her and her label stand up in the industry.