Ethical fashion for the future ambassadors to kickstart their sustainable lifestyle.

What's the point of suiting up your kids for a prosperous and exuberant future but one that is filled with uncertainty? Take kids' fashion for example: the clothes you buy for them today are only polluting their natural habitat for the future with all the pollution caused by harmful dyes and unethical manufacturing methods. Would it not be great if you could style them in sustainable clothes that bring out their panache while instilling a respect for nature and human ethics? Well, then you need to discover Littleeens, a new Jaipur based brand that is replacing fast fashion with conscious clothing for the kids. Fashion for Littleens is fashion for the future as it nurtures the idea of sustainability in the ambassadors of future at an early age. 

Made with organic fibres, that are cultivated without the usage of toxic chemicals, Littleens aims to make your children's closet ethical with fashionable clothes that do not just look good but also feel right. The brand believes that every kid has the power to bring about a change and uses makes something as personal as clothes to get a kickstart into a sustainable lifestyle. Most styles from Littleens, be it jumpsuits and co-ord sets for girls or polka-dot shirts and blazers for boys, with innovative fibers made from milk, soya, eri silk, aloe vera, orange, and other organic goods. 


Not only the material but the brands also give the artisans behind their styles their share of recognition. Their social media has testimonials for their craftsman and you can actually know the craftsman who crafted your clothes from the fabric to the goods. Be it embroider Yakoob and Imran, tailors Vinod Ji and Mahesh Ji or pattern master Kailash Ji the brand makes sure you know the artists who dressed you up with such warmth and love. This way your kids not only get a personalised feel to their styles but also understand the labour behind creating clothes. Besides, their colourful palette of lounge wear, sherwanis and maxi dresses will totally make people fawn over your kids and make them the centre of attraction of every party or gathering. 

July 16, 2021 — Littleens Digital